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About TnT's Founder - TnT Language Services

About TnT’s Founder

Tyson L. Taylor-Gerstner, began studying foreign languages in 1990 at the age of 12, beginning with Spanish. by 1993 language became a passion with the addition of French. In 1998, after dabbling in Hebrew, he began studying Latin and Italian at LACC in Los Angeles, California. A semester later he pursued an interest in Romanian with subsequent home study.

In 2000 Tyson L. Taylor-Gerstner worked as office manager for Simon Banner Associates In Los Angeles, where he, in addition to his office management duties, worked on research, and cataloging as well as editing of audio-visual transcriptions

Moving back to Iowa 2001, Tyson studied German and Music at St. Ambrose University, continuing with Spanish and French courses before moving to the Netherlands in 2004. That year marked the beginning of a self-study course in Dutch. Tyson obtained the NT2 II Diploma (Dutch as a second language, program 2 – for managerial positions and higher learning purposes). This time also initiated the study of Finnish and Hungarian, and frequent traveling throughout Europe, including France, Spain Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and Hungary, which allowed for the development of language skills.

In 2011 Tyson Obtained a B.Sc. in Business Management with the specialization of Global Business Management. In reflection toward the end of his undergrad studies, Tyson made the decision continue his educational path leaning more towards management of international staff, and choosing to do an M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy, which he finished in 2012. Since 2013, in addition to translating, Tyson L. Taylor-Gerstner has worked as an English and Dutch teacher in Paris, France. Tyson is currently in a Doctoral program working toward the title of Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership, with a focus on multilingualism in leading international teams.

Tyson taught English and Dutch while living in Paris from 2013 to 2018 for both LanguageTnT and the Acadomia Agency.